"Povery is a dumb prison that does not need walls, and is capable of separate one from possibilities and hope. But this does not have to be this if you make your plans wisely and keep to them."

Source: maiige.hu

"KIÚT"(way out) association was founded is february 1995, with the participation of skilled and experienced social workers, ssychiatrits, health workers and volunteers. At the moment have 13 members, 12 colleagues employed, and 16 volunteer.

Our mission:  Socialisation of the disadvantaged, the children growing up in an orhanage, the maintaining of their cultural heritage, supporting the poor (people and families), the addicts and the homeless.

Our Activity:

  • Social and mental consultancy from 1995
  • Social work on the streets from 1995
  • Complex housing reintegration programs for homeless people
  • special labor market reintegration program
  • collecting and donating donations to those in need 
  • catch-up, skills and competency development programs, summer camp for children and young people with multiple disadvantages. 

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